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Scott Lance, Legendary Trainer and originator of HEART Adventure Fitness, is available for print, television, radio and online interviews, as well as personal appearances and keynote speaking engagements.

You will find HEART Adventure Fitness to be a completely different training experience than you’ve ever heard of or had. Imagine learning to love your journey to fitness instead of just counting the days to your ‘destination’. Imagine the empowerment when you realize that not only do you no longer need a gym, you needn’t even ‘press play’. HAF will imbue in you the self-sufficiency to catch a workout wherever you are, regardless of equipment. But the camaraderie with like-minded ‘heart bodies’ might just keep you coming back…


Here is what the local media has had to say…

ABC6Working Out on a Budget – June 2009

The Central Record Early Morning Fitness – May 2006

The Central Record

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Donation to Evesham Township – May 2006

Burlington County TimesFitness Club’s Members up Before the Sun – May 2006

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The Courier Post Evesham Offers Fitness Program – July 10, 2003

The Trend MidweekPeople Take Heart – November 27, 2002