The “HeartBody” Difference

If It’s Not Fun, Better Left Undone

There are more than enough extreme exercise programs, “boot camps”, etc. whose sole aim is to merely ‘dog you out’. There is neither science nor magic in that approach to fitness. Instead, HAF guides you back into an active lifestyle through the broadest range of fitness activities, most of which can be performed anywhere, anytime and by anyone. To this we add a dose of regularly-scheduled Adventure Outings and Training Events (see Calendar) to serve as a fun outlet and/or ‘measuring stick’ for your new-found level of fitness. Our philosophy at all times is to ‘go hard’ but save your best performance for real life. Keeping the group together, modifying activities as we go, leaving no one behind, pulling one another up to that next level of fitness and always ending with some fun game or fitness challenge makes every last memory of the workout a good one! This keeps everyone in the tribe coming back for more because, well, hell- it’s FUN!

Get Out, Get Lost, Find Yourself.

Science tells us that we invariably function better the more we get outside, but in our hearts we’ve known that all along. Training outside serves to add to the experience that all participants- outdoor enthusiasts and couch potatoes alike- invariably grow to not only prefer, but actually enjoy! Doing so in a warm-weather climate isn’t any great shake, but here in New Jersey training outside most of the year provides much of the virtue of becoming a certified ‘HeartBody”. Working up a sweat with us out in nature is a wonderful far cry from the stuffy confines of a dankly lit gym.

‘You Gotta Have Heart’ Foundation

All proceeds from the program go to charitable endeavors in the community. Thus far HAF has donated over $60,000 to various charitable health, education and human services endeavors throughout the southern New Jersey region. Click here to see the various organizations and causes we have supported.