Have Fun. Get Fit. Give Back.

Welcome to HEART Adventure Fitness, where having fun, getting fit and giving back is our mission. HAF is a mixed bag of people- old, young, lean, not-so-lean, fit and not-yet-fit- with the desire to improve their collective health and well-being by rising while the rest of the world sleeps and gathering to exercise outdoors. We all know that people are fundamentally designed to be in motion and that doing so regularly goes a long way toward curing the many ills that otherwise befall our relatively sedentary lives. But, as a wise man once said, “People don’t lack strength, they lack will.”  In order to reap the benefits of regular activity we all search for the ongoing motivation, the heart, the will to GOYAAGO (Get Off Your Ass And Go)! In fostering an atmosphere of fun vs. fear and variety vs. ‘routine’, HAF delivers the will!

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• Next Series of Training Adventures Begins 4-02-12
• Group Training Sessions are M-W-F; 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM
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